Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas Presents

It was a hand made holiday this year for Christmas.  I made several gifts for our family.

This is a journal cover that I made for my cousin Stephanie.

A knitting needle holder and bag for Joanne.  She always carries her projects to and from places in paper bags.  I decided that it was about time she was more stylish while knitting.

A purse for Gammy.  She chose the colors, I chose the pattern.

A crayon roll for our friend's daughter, Brenna.

And a quilt for my mom.

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karenfae said...

Nice homemade presents. So many people making the book covers I will have to give it a try. Been a long time since I was in Waukesha - like 37 years! I remember my sister and I getting on a bus and using I don't know how many transfers from Milwaukee city center to get out to a new mall that was built - we shared an apartment in Milwaukee in 1971-72. haven't lived in WI since 72